Our signature program is Play4Health™. This program is design to improve the health and wellness of students, by providing them with all the tools that help them to be more healthy and active. Our commitment is to lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy lifestyles that includes physical activity, healthy behaviors and good nutrition that will result in better health and quality of life.


Our program emphasizes  all the components of  fitness (flexibility, cardiovascular, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body composition) as well as balance and locomotor activities that will also help  kids that play sports to perform better in their chosen sport. Our programs which teach the fundamentals of movement, physical activity and preparation for athletics are designed and tailored for every age group and fitness level.  


We will bring our fitness coaches into after school activity time and onto public school recess yards to encourage everybody including the school staff  to engage in fun and healthy physical activities. Despite the World Health Organization's recommendation that children need at least 60 minutes of activity each day to stay healthy, many public and private schools have reduced opportunities for students to exercise. .


Our program helps students come closer to meeting this important benchmark by focusing recess time and after school time on games and engaging movement exercises. With our programs  your children will have fun and will learn a healthy lifestyle behaviors that will help them for life. Think of  ASTC  coaches as health and fitness substitute teachers who can help to fill in P.E. scheduling needs and help our children, build a better world by improving their quality of life.


All Star Training Center wants to work with all facilities to promote physical activity and exercise. We ask you to join us in the fight against obesity and lack of physical activity. Our camps and after school programs are fun and energizing with activities designed to help each participant reach his or her goals. Experience movement the fun way, the journey to wellness doesn’t have to be boring.


Our main goal is to ensure that all participants have fun while learning healthy behaviors or improving their physical or sports conditioning in activities that excites them in a stress-free, low-pressure environment. No matter the skill level of our participants, our excellent wellness coaches work with the participants by providing encouragement and positive reinforcement. There are many opportunities for all levels, personalities and body types to grow and learn in our camps and after school program..


Our programs are designed to help kids  to prepare for lifelong healthy habits, team and individual sports and life in general, besides teaching this values thru physical activity and sports. Kids will learn teamwork, nutrition, exercise and discipline, important tools that will help them to achieve their future goals. We teach kids at an early age how to be active, healthy and improve their life through physical activity and healthy behaviors.

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