All Star Superfoods



We are excited to offer you high quality products with the finest ingredients in a simple and convenient package.Our products are powder based that mixes well with water, milk or juice to and shouldn't be utilized to replace your meals but only to supplement your diet and exercise program. They can be used by everyday athletes, people that exercise frequently or people that just want to get in shape and eat healthy.


We know it can be hard to get the recommended amount of fruits,vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals that you need to support a healthy lifestyle. The average person don't get enough nutrients in their diet, and we offer a complete nutritional system of all natural supplements with the highest quality and purity of ingredients, taste and absorption.  



Not only we produce high quality products but we also offer you a package that is design to be simple and convenient. Now you can have your healthy shakes anytime, anywhere, you don't need to carry around a big empty bottle and powder. No more mess with powder, we call our simple solution: Lifestyle Time Management. Our convenient products are lightweight, space saving and expandable bottles that you can take with you anywhere.


We offer a scientifically formulated superfood blend of the highest purity undenatured whey protein isolate and colostrum, synergistically fortified with carefully selected nutrients to help support the immune system and promote regeneration for healthy tissue, organs, bones, brain function and lean muscle, optimize endogenous antioxidant status and promote detoxification..


The All Star Lean shake was designed as a healthy option to drink in between meals. All Star Lean is a light, refreshing and healthy beverage that keeps you feeling full*, curbs cravings*, increases metabolism and provides extra energy*. All Star Lean also serves as a healthy energy drink alternative.


Maybe you've wondered if you need to take supplements, well let's see: People take supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve their health. But not everyone needs to take supplements.


Phyto-nutrients, found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, teas and greens, are natural plant compounds that are vital for optimal health. To consume optimal amounts of phytonutrients we need to eat 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, of all colors every day. This is a challenge for most people. Includes 4 dozen “super food phyto-nutrients,” that replaces taking dozens of daily pills and saves a lot of money.

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