As a professional athlete, my year round conditioning program is critical to my success on the field. I was very fortunate to train with Rafy for 7 years (2001-2008). Rafy's conditioning program helped me perform at the highest level, establish a healthy lifestyle, and exceed the demands on the field. One of Rafy's  best attributes is to find innovative and creative ways to challenge you inside and outside of the gym. His approach to training is based on exercise science. He understood my needs, challenged and partnered up with me to bring my performance to the next level.
Rafy is one of the most knowledgeable fitness professionals in the business. His dedication, passion for fitness and desire to help people is a powerful combination. Rafy is a complete professional and would be an asset for anyone looking to get into shape or compete at the highest level. 

I highly recommend Rafy's program to people that want to improve their health, fitness, and sports performance.